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Articles by here2bowned

Dawn   11/14/2017

i heard a car leave but was too sleepy to really wake up. i was asleep on the stone fireplace with my arms down on the floor. i woke up feeling Her foot on my arm, squeezing it against the stone floor

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The first night   6/15/2017

The door was locked. i tried knocking a few times but She did say She was leaving and that was over an hour ago, so i did not really expect anyone to answer. i started looking for another way out. The

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At her place...   6/11/2017

I quickly let the dogs in, closed the heavy door, walked across the marble floors towards the backdoor. It was another heavy dual french door leading to the backyard. The back was impressive with a la

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Her place   6/4/2017

We must have driven for well over half hour. The roads were still wet from the showers earlier and it was hard to keep up with Her. it was strange to me that someone who simply expect a practical stra

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She got to know me...   5/13/2017

We must have talked for almost an hour. i was standing the whole time. Even though we had just met, She did not hesitate to ask about everything, where i grew up, my family, my friends, when i moved t

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She got to know me.   4/29/2017

Let's go down to the cafe and talk She said almost as soon as i sat down. What i began to notice about Her was that She didn't seem to wait for a response, She didn't seem to ask. As soon as She said

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How did it all start?   4/15/2017

It started several years ago. i first met Her at the city library. It was quite busy that day and She was seated at a table by the window. It was a cold day, cloudy and wet outside. The downpour had s

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